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Ever had a feeling THIS WEEK will be amazing? We have it all the time.

In July 2017 we organized the first ever Villa Week for former guests and friends of our brand VillaGG.com. It got booked right away and everyone loved the idea of an all-inclusive organized holiday.

From then on, we continue to expand the initial idea, integrating new exceptional events and ultimately reaching the goal of the > all-in-one > all-inclusive > luxury holiday > experience.
How it all came to be
Long before social networks back in 2004, we founded VillaGG.com with the idea of focusing on the entire holiday experience in a new type of accommodation in luxury villas.

The Villa Week was born in the Caribbean where a former guest and friend, invited us to her Indian wedding. As these weddings last several days, she organized a balanced itinerary including leisure pool time, sightseeing and parties. In addition, we 30-year olds had a great time desiring to recreate it in our future holidays.

That would mean an all-inclusive luxury accommodation holiday with boat trips, a dash of adrenaline adventures and evening parties combined in ONE single price that includes everything.

We started in our own villas – and the rest is history!

The Villa Week team

Grgo Gunjaca
The doctor loves nothing more than creating a new project from pure imagination. But in order to make it extraordinary he pushes the entire philosophy past regular boundaries.
Marko Lovric
As the man behind The Villa Week innovative graphic design, Marko’s computing skills are the reason you imagine yourself catching some tan in the pool already.
Vanja Ordulj
Our attractive first lady is the flame behind the social media attention. Her insatiable appetite for fun and gorgeous emotional mind will make your head spin as she pulls everyone together.
Ivo Radojevic
Ivo-lution can’t fail on events no matter where it’s held: villa, mountain top or yacht deck. Stay near if you want to the taste world’s best gin as he’ll make sure you are having the week of your life.
Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.
– Mark Twain
Mirela Mravak
Mirela sees things with the contemporary social network sense. Responsible for more perfectly organized holidays than TripAdvisor, her creative mind is behind the Instagram FOMO.
Silvio Kastelancic
The presenter of virtual vibrant life of The Villa Week. Silvio’s brand-forward operations have carved the path for us throughout the social media world.
Armando Matijevic
He ultimately coded your entire dream holiday as you witness it right this moment. Armando is a tech entrepreneur, and empowering startups is what he does best.
Marin Puljic
 This guy developed a web based car rental system and we were lucky to grab him to develop our own smooth booking application right on his very first birthday with us in our team.
Vana Basic
Combining her artistic and innovative touch, Vana is our most creative member. Using visual communication  she makes you feel the true colors and design of TVW.
Jakov Krzelj
 Jakov believes that life is better spent in music. Indeed, he is a pro salsa instructor, king of the 90's music and the living proof that your ears can rise you up once again to the retro style.
Ivan Jerkic
In charge of all digital marketing activities. Nothing goes by chance in the digital universe, at least not before it is carefully evaluated by Ivan.
Mandy Gakhal
This lady is our international business and marketing connection. Nothing goes accepted to be part of The Villa Week legacy without her approving it first.

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