How to book

We keep it simple. As all things should be.

1. What are the destinations?

The Villa Week 2019 is exclusively held in Croatia, however our new destinations Dubai, Canary islands and Montenegro are in development.



Canary islands


2. How long does it last?

The very best of our week-long program condensed into one themed weekend.
The famous all-inclusive week that generates your most memorable holiday experience.

Can I bring friends?

Bring a friend and meet NEW friends enhancing the whole experience. Rest assured you’re joining a great set of new people.
Bring your OLD friends so you don't need to mingle with strangers as we organize a completely private week just for you.
The percentage of males/females required for booking in a shared week depends on the balance of genders that have already booked. However, this does not apply in a private week.

3. When does it take place?

The peak of summer is reserved for The Villa Week while late spring and late summer for The Villa Weekend.

July 25 - August 01 2020

July 24 - August 31 2021

4. Where do I stay?

Book your perfect BEDROOM, APARTMENT or entire VILLA in order to fit your traveling type and wallet size
  • bedroom
  • apartment
  • villa
Our most popular type of accommodation where you select between economy, standard or premium with your partner / friend or book alone if you're solo. In conclusion, all our bedrooms come with a PRIVATE BATHROOM so you only share the kitchen, living room, terrace and pool.
Ideal accommodation for a group of friends traveling together. With your own private entrance, kitchen, living room and terrace in a villa just sharing the pool. Therefore, have all the space for yourselves and enjoy maximum comfort.
Entire villas offer absolute privacy with a private pool, outside kitchen. For instance, we offer 10-bedroom villas for up to 20 persons and a 4-bedroom villas for up to 8 persons with state of the art equipment.

5. How do I pay?

Simply click the book button and let our online booking and payment system guide you
How do I pay?
You pay in 2 installments. In order to book a 1000 Euro deposit per person with a credit card through PayPal. The remaining balance is paid 60 days prior to arrival.
Can I split the cost?
The booking is made by one person - the booker. You can invite friends and each pay their share of the total price. The booker is responsible for making payments on time.
All payments are secured through
Book now and

What's included?

TVW program includes ALL basic + ALL exclusive mind-blowing experiences.
You won't need to reach for your wallet because EVERYTHING is included.
Private bathroom
Living room
Terrace + sea view
Heated pool with spa
Airport pickup
Villa host 24/7 
All transfers 
Everyday cleaning
Airport drop off
Laundry service
Full fridge 24/7
Gin tasting
MOTOR Yachts
MEGA Catamaran
After beach party
BBQ night
Club night
Guided tours
Horse riding
Cave exploring
Beach lounging
Jet ski SAFARI
Casino NIGHT
National Parks

Additional cost

Getting to your destination & expenditures outside the itinerary

That's it!


Traveling alone or with friends?
Traveling solo
We don't offer single bedrooms, but you can book your own bedroom for absolute comfort and privacy.

Traveling with a friend

Book a bedroom with a friend or partner just like booking a hotel.

Traveling with a group

We offer apartments and entire villas. The 3-5 bedroom apartments accommodate between 5 and 10 people. Entire  4 to 10 bedroom villas accommodate from 8 to 20 persons.
Join your fellow villaweekers
Here is the place where you can meet all those exceptional people that you'll share The Villa Week experiences with.
The gender ratio
The Villa Week aims for an overall equal gender balance of males and females we expect to have in our villas. In conclusion, this is calculated taking into consideration the gender balance that already booked a particular week.
Let us know if you have any questions?